3 Different Ways On How to Store Biltong Correctly

We’ve all been there: digging through the cupboard, hungry, looking for a snack that will satisfy the craving for something salty, savoury and delicious. Lo and behold, you stumble upon a packet of partially eaten biltong from Biltong Boytjies, that was hiding in the back and you are instantly thrilled. That moment of delight, however, quickly subsides as you realize your yummy snack is dry and growing furry things.

While nothing in life lasts forever, there are a few simple tricks to store biltong correctly, that will help you get the most out of your purchase – and save you from the above disappointment the next time you’re searching for a snack.


How to Store Biltong Correctly

To store biltong correctly, it should be placed in a cool, dry place like a cupboard or a drawer. Sunlight and heat can affect biltongs freshness and flavour. So anywhere dark and cool will help extend the life of your favourite treat. For the ultimate protection against mould, we suggest gently shaking the packet once a day to aerate the biltong and keep fresh air flowing through the packet.


Refrigerate Your Beef Biltong

If you live in more humid conditions or want to store your Biltong for a little longer, and you want to store biltong correctly - we suggest refrigerating your Biltong. Biltong needs to stay cold to maintain its texture, flavour and freshness. Always refrigerate your Biltong in breathable packaging like kraft paper or butchers paper, this ensures the continued fresh airflow in and out of the packet. You want to avoid your Biltong being trapped with no airflow as this is the perfect condition for mould to develop.


Can you Freeze Your Beef Biltong? 

Of course! But - you just have to do it right. If you’re not going to eat your Biltong right away, and you want to store biltong correctly - it’s always best to freeze it. Whether it be drywors biltong, dröewors, biltong sticks, sliced biltong or even biltong slabs - You can extend your Biltongs shelf to 7–12 months if frozen properly. Vacuum-sealed packages can be put in the freezer as-is. Opened bags or bags filled with air should be placed in an air-tight container to prevent freezer burn. Your Biltong will be ready for consumption as soon as it's completely thawed, which may take between 30-60 minutes.


And it's as easy as that! You are now equipped with all the necessary information on how to store your Biltong! It doesn’t matter what scenario you find yourself in, you will be able to increase the shelf-life of your biltong with just a few of these tips. If you haven't yet, try out Biltong Boytjies - South Africa’s Best Online Biltong Store for premium biltong; all our biltong is as fresh as it gets! And if you feel like you're ready & want to take the next step in your biltong adventure, and actually try produce your own - make sure to check out Biltong Boytjies feature in Food & Homes magazine article: how to make biltong, the south african way.

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